Steph & Erik // Tobermory, Bruce Peninsula Elopement

Steph, Erik and Colton traveled from Windsor, Ontario for a beautiful, intimate elopement looking over the turquoise waters of the Bruce Peninsula. Steph and Erik wanted a serene, yet adventurous location. Getting to know them both they are complete adventure-heads and active in the running community. The whole vibe of the day was super chill. A mixture of smells of pine, cedar, and fir trees roamed the air. The sounds of crackling sticks while we walked through the forest to meet Erik for the first look. There was such a relaxing nature to the whole day. Steph and Erik have a beautiful calmness about them.

The ceremony was stunning. As you can see in the pictures, Erik and Steph overlooked the blue waters, although the majority of the time, their eyes were fixated on one another and Colt. It was really wonderful to witness and capture such love and bonds. We got lucky, the weather held up and the Grotto was quiet. We had a few people cheering from the cliffs when Steph and Erik said their I do's. Sunrise was perfection. The day ended with a ton of laughter, good chats, and a nice hike back to the campsite.