This is one of my favourite topics to chat about. I am Jessica, a wedding and elopement photographer. In August of 2019, my husband I eloped. It was an intimate, stress-free and adventurous experience. I'd love to share my reasoning for my love of elopements and why Ontario is the perfect destination.

1) It's about you and your partner.

The details can be taxing for some people. Who to invite, where to have the wedding, who to choose as bridesmaids and groomsmen. Pleasing everyones wants and needs is a major stress. The focus is so simple. what do you want? What is your favourite activity together? Where would you like to be? What makes you both happy? Why not make a vacation out of it. How about camping under the stars in a National Park or canoeing in Bon Echo Provincial Park watching the sun go down. This all sounds so romantic.

2) The day of the wedding is relaxed, soothing and calm.

The majority of elopements are stress-free, calm and relaxed. You go at your own pace. You want to sleep in, heck yeah! Hair and makeup for one or a small group is much calmer. There's no urgency to get to the next place. You can enjoy each others company. The day doesn't fly by so quickly. Instead of entertaining others, you spend time together, fully.

3) You want to make your wedding an adventure.

Is there is an activity that you and your partner have been dreaming up together? Or maybe you just love the look and vibe of a certain area and have had dreams of going there. Whatever the case may be, it will be an adventure. Planning the trip, staying in a new city and exploring the scenery is all a part of the adventure.

4) You don't want to break the bank.

The average cost of an elopement ranges from $5000-$15000. The average cost of a wedding starts at $30000.

5) You have options to splurge in areas that are most important to you.

By having a small wedding, you won't need all the extravagance that a larger wedding asks for . All of your spending can be done on the vendors that are the most important to you. You can buy that dress that you've always wanted, or hire the photographer that you've admired.

Why Ontario?

There is so much beauty in Ontario. Ontario is huge, filled with vast reaches of wilderness and a ton of freshwater lakes. There are plenty of small towns and large urban cities. It is rich with historic buildings and Parliament hill. We have a town that hosts over 200 wineries and is internationally known (Niagara on the lake). Ontario has a large amount of water which makes the waterfalls in Hamilton incredibly appealing to visit. The Canadian shield takes up majority of the province and is located mostly in the North, this is the salt of the earth for sure. The possibilities are endless when choosing Ontario as your location of choice.

But what about my family and friends?

I have a simple solution that will fix this problem - Have a just married reception/party. You can plan this however you like, you can put some decor in it along with some tradition or you can have your own little party that is anything but traditional. If you still want to include your immediate people into your vows, you can always have a mock ceremony where you can recite your vows in front of your special people. There's no rules to how you should celebrate your marriage.

Do you have a favourite place that you are thinking to elope to in Ontario?

If so and you need additional advice, contact me through email and we can discuss your options and ideas.