For as long as I can remember, cameras have been a pivotal part of my life. When I was a little girl mom was directing poses with her camera and dad was taking home videos. I grew up in a household filled with cameras and big metal lenses. I had no idea that it would be my destiny.

It took my love of travel to awaken the photographer deep inside of my soul. I did some heavy solo traveling for a year, meeting lovely people from all over the world. I was inspired to look through their eyes. That's when I viewed the world a bit differently and bought my first camera. My love for capturing landscapes and people grew. With this new camera, I decided to enroll in online classes and workshops for photography. Four years later, I am able to call photography my career path, my purpose.

Why I do this? I want to give you a treasure that you truly can't put a price on, a memory saved, your story told in a unique perspective.

My goal is create a relaxed environment. Connection is important and that is a priority, I want you to feel comfortable. My focus is the fleeting moments you may not notice, capturing raw and candid emotions. Ultimately, I want you to have beautiful lit, telling photographs that live on.

Windsor Ontario Wedding Photographer



“Jessica creates a personal and relaxing experience for you during your shoot. She has an incredible energy that is attractive to both children and adults, and makes the experience authentic, therefore creating real and heartfelt pictures.
We had such an amazing time during our family shoot, and are blown away with how she captured us all together in the photos. Every single photo tells a story and we are having a difficult time choosing our favourites!
I highly recommend her if you are interested in working”