Hey, I am Jess!

Let's bring it back to childhood, Mom was always posing me and taking pictures. Dad would always have the home videos rolling. I came from a house of cameras. Mom is a "hobby photographer" she will say, but if you check her photos out, they're beautiful. I'm pretty sure my love for taking photos happened amidst it all. Throughout the years, I was enamoured with photos and telling stories in a visual sense. My love for acting, theatre, and cinema grew as well. (I was just never any good at any of that)

So let's fast forward to adulthood. This is where the sparks flew and I discovered my true passion. I was out traveling around on my own and simply wanted to document my journey, so I purchased my first "real" camera. I started playing with landscape and composition and was HOOKED. Not only did I discover my love for going out into the world and capturing scenes in a unique perspective that evoked emotion, but I was also absolutely in love with the editing process and how to use light, colour, and composition to tell the story of the scene.

Once I was hooked, I started capturing love, emotion, and connection and that brought me greater joy than I could ever imagine. I've decided to surround myself with it! I've been capturing rad people with their loved ones for years now, which lead me to start my own wedding photography business. There is no place I would rather be.

The biggest honour is capturing a love story and creating timeless memories. If you think we are a good match, let's chat!

I know firsthand about elopements...

I am such a fan of adventure elopements. Mike and I eloped two years ago. It was about the intimacy, the challenge of climbing up and marrying amongst amazing scenery. There was a big significance of making the climb for us. If you are thinking about elopements, I am your girl. I would love to help you plan your adventure and be your wild photographer that will document your love.

Here are a few photos of our elopement taken by the amazing Banff adventure elopement and wedding photographer @laurabarclayphotography.

Mountain top elopement in Canmore Alberta
Photographer saying I do on mountaintop in Canmore Alberta
Newly married couple head to head on top of mountain in Canmore
Dancing atop of a mountain in Canmore Alberta